Albena Branzova, PhD
Sports Psychologist,
Peak Performance Coach,
RTT Practitioner


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    My mission is to EMPOWER you and share my extensive knowledge of over 35 years of experience as a professional athlete and a coach, WNBA player, Hall of Fame Honoree, 2 time All-American, member of the Bulgarian National Team player for 13 years. Through my journey as an athlete and a coach, my teams have won 20 Cups and Championships. I have a PhD in Sports Psychology and am a certified RTT practitioner. I am PASSIONATE about mentoring international players and coaches from professionals to beginners. I take great joy in being a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a friend.

    I am here to guide you to get in touch with your deepest purest self, where YOU ARE powerful and authentic, and capable to love, create and be the best version of yourself.

    We are born to thrive, no matter what life brings us! Start living your best life with unshakable confidence. Your success is determined by: your mindset, your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, and your actions. Don’t give your power away, bring a NEW meaningful momentum in your life. Become unstoppable!

    I can help you manifest a phenomenal leap in your performance and achieve outstanding results so you can FLOW in life with ultimate joy, peace, confidence, purpose and success.

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    The missing piece to achieve greatness and ultimate success lies in MASTERING THE SOCIAL- EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in your mindset. I am qualified to guide you with all the necessary tools for you to live an uncompromising life, enjoy success, abundance, and freedom to be your unique true self & experience a powerful transformation. Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) and Sports Psychology combined with self-love & kindness, the feeling of self-worth and the importance of establishing a deeper connection to your life’s purpose are the secrets behind your success.

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    After all YOU ARE ENOUGH & Life Is What You Make It

    Find the SuperPower Within and achieve true success like CEOs, Olympic Athletes, Royalty and Oscar-winning actors did! RTT is a highly effective, multi-award winning approach that provides fast results by going to the core of what lies behind your challenges and eliminates any limited beliefs, negative self-talk, fears, doubts, etc. RTT is the CUTTING EDGE you need to achieve the imPOSSIBLE!

    Let Go of Destructive Traumas, Suppressed Emotions and Limited Beliefs

    You will experience a positive change no matter what the problem is. I can utilize various techniques to create a CUSTOMIZED session for your individual needs so you can be liberated and free from what does not serve you or what’s holding you back. I am trained in using these techniques in a skilled and professional manner.

    Be Happier and Healthier than Ever Before

    The sessions will provide rapid results that will bring you greater happiness, inner balance, and harmony into your life. Working together, we will create life-changing results that countless people, celebrities and high achievers around the world have also enjoyed. You will feel a marked change in your life, performance and business after one to three sessions. WHY WAIT? Find the reasons for your discomfort and find fast solutions for your problems.

    Create a Powerful, Positive, & Permanent Change in You

    Together we will discover the root, cause and function of your problems, and uncover the limited beliefs and blockages that may be holding you back. We will change the meaning attached to the events from your past so you can accomplish your present desires and goals. Regain your self worth. Reclaim your voice. Reconnect with your SUPERPOWER WITHIN! Take charge of your life, make a rapid permanent change and thrive with extraordinary confidence.

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