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Rapid Transformation Coaching (RTC)

If you have ever felt stuck, uncertain, frustrated, tired of seeing slow progress despite your hard work, injury prone, misunderstood, inadequate, passive, have fear of rejection and/or expressing yourself or you just need more than what you are currently getting, this program is designed just for you!

Albena will lead you to your unique pathway to rediscover your true authenticity and regain your Superpower Within. Choose to live a healthy, successful, fulfilled life.

Let’s master your social emotional intelligence and say goodbye to negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns.

4 Week Rapid Transformation Coaching Program Will:

Find your natural flow to reach your ultimate confidence
Create a winning mindset with undeniable courage
Awaken your self-worth like never before to thrive with certainty and conviction
Feel absolutely liberated from negative beliefs and negative self-talk
Build unshakable self-esteem, super self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self-management
Polish your individual skills with ease and purpose for rapid results
Experience deeper level of fulfilment
Enjoy life to the fullest throughout the journey of evolving

It Includes:

1 Hour Discovery Call
Confidence Boosting Vitamin Recordings
3 One Hour Custom Made Personal Coaching Sessions (on Zoom)
Cutting Edge 2-hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Session
Personalized Success Recording to Rewire Old Beliefs and Unlock Your Full Potential
24/7 Online Support and Relevant Newsletters with On-Point Topics to Expand Greater Understanding and Knowledge