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Peak Performance Coaching for athletes (PPC)

Every high-level athlete, coach and manager knows that being mentally fit is an essential key to peak performance. It is as equally important as being physically, technically & tactically ready to compete. Are you just beginning your professional career or are you towards the end of your playing career? Is it blossoming? Are you on a plateau or is it fading away? Are you happy and fulfilled or stressed and frustrated? Are you searching for perfection and full potential in your game? Albena is the right person to help professional athletes to transform their game to the next level, boost their performance to excellence or transition easily, with full confidence from a sport’s career to a thriving life after sports.

Let’s gain ultimate confidence and unleash your true superpower mastering your game:

6 Week Peak Performance Coaching Program Will:

Create a crystal clear strategy & game plan
Identify the necessary skills that will rapidly elevate your game to the next level
Define all the technical & tactical details on the specific skills that you would like to implement fast
Build unshakable self-esteem
Become more self-aware
Grow your emotional intelligence
Find the missing pieces to grow your mental toughness and peak performance
Develop your winning momentum by working smart to achieve permanent results

It Includes:

1 Hour Discovery Zoom Session
Confidence Booster Vitamin Recordings
4 One Hour Custom Made Personal Coaching Sessions (on Zoom)
Cutting Edge 2-hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Session
Personalized Success Recording to Rewire Old Limiting Beliefs and Unlock your Full Potential
24/7 Online Support with Relevant Newsletters, On-Point Topics to Expand Greater Understanding and Knowledge