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Custom Tailored Programs (CTP)

Small Group Sessions
Business Professionals

Albena's passion and specialty focuses on working together with people from all areas of life to help unleash their superpower within by reconnecting with their authentic TRUE SELF. If you are feeling unworthy, anxious, stressed, depressed, burnout or not good enough, this program is for you. Together you will find the perfect path to create & achieve success by unlocking your greatest potential!

Let’s go from philosophy to action and achieve the life you desire:

28 Day Custom Tailored Program Will:

Provide a clear vision and understanding of what it is that you wish for
Identify any limited beliefs, areas of resistances or negative self-talk that holds you back
Reconnect with your true, authentic self
Create an unstoppable winning mindset
Build a powerful strategy and action plan
Start manifesting and enjoy the life you deserve

It Includes:

1 Hour Discovery Zoom Session
Relaxation Recording to Prime You for Greater Success; Also Reduces Stress or Anxiety
3 Powerful Success Coaching Sessions with Specific Strategies that You Can Implement Immediately to Get Rapid Results
A cutting-Edge 2-hour Rapid Transformation Therapy Session
Personalized Success Recording to Rewire Old Beliefs and Create New Positive Patterns to Unlock Your Full Potential
24/7 Online Support and Relevant Newsletters with On-Point Topics to Expand Greater Understanding and Knowledge